What is Ultimate.fi?

Ultimate.fi is the national online hub for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Finland, events, phenomena, people, and ideas. Ultimate.fi was launched in 2011.


Playing in Finland and can't find your scores? All tournament results and stats organized by the FFDA like SM-Tour can be found from Pelikone (Ultiorganizer).

Where to Play in Finland?

In Finland, Ultimate is played on grass in summer between April and September, and on indoor sports courts (basketball, floorball courts, etc.) in winter between October and March.

Looking for a group to play with?

To find an ultimate team or pick up group near you, look through our list of Finnish clubs and pick up groups. The list is in alphabetical order by municipality. >>

Looking for a tournament?

For ultimate tournaments and other frisbee-related events in Finland, check out our event calendar. >>

Finnish Flying Disc Association

The Finnish Flying Disc Association (Suomen Liitokiekkoliitto ry, SLKL) is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Finland.
The Finnish Flying Disc Association is a member organisation in the Finnish Olympic Committee (Suomen Olympiakomitea), as well as the World Flying Disc Federation, WFDF as one of its 60+ member countries, and the European Flying Disc Federation, EFDF.

To contact the FFDA, send an email to info[at]liitokiekkoliitto.fi. Your email will be replied to by Elisa Pursiainen, the chief executive officer of the Association.

The Finnish Flying Disc Association
Suomen Liitokiekkoliitto ry

Suomen Olympiakomitea
Valimotie 10
Tel.: +358-45-1251723
Email: info[at]liitokiekkoliitto.fi